Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I woke up this morning and it was snowing. This turned out to be not so bad as it seemed at first. I got my act together, did laundry and such, and then sat around a little, wishing the snow away, which didn't work.

Lora got off at 2, so we got together at around 2:30 and ran around like crazy. She needed to size her feet for doc martens to order them online (the ones she wants are impossible to find in town), so first we went to red wing's, because the have a machine for shoe sizing, but the guy there wouldn't let us use it, so we went to another big discount shoe store, where they ended up not having docs or one of those metal foot gagues. So finally we went to the mall, found a store that had docs, tried on two pair, pretended to be uninterested and walked away with her shoe size in british boot. And to compensate for going to the mall, we got pretzels at auntie anne's. It's a superstition of mine that while I'm travelling, when I pass an auntie anne's pretzel, I get one.

After that we went and got coffees. Lora made me spill mine a little rough housing, but really, I deserved that elbow to my side. We drove, we walked, we ended up sitting on top of a parking garage for an hour, talking about things. We know each other so well, are so connected, that a lot of conversation is just gesture, touch, body language. A lot of subtext. We say we share a brain. So we huddled close and shared thoughts, and it was really good to be there for a bit.

After a long time on that roof, we were both freezing and in need of a heated space, so we drove all the way to moore (half an hour) on surface roads, and then back. We both got thawed out and were hungry, so we went to a sonic, but the gods were being unkind and their milkshake machine was busted. So we went back downtown. Dinner. Then I drove her home.

So I was wrong about us not being us any more. That made me really happy. There's always a next time with Lora. I'm still leaving and she's still staying, though. But that's temporary; when this girl makes plans, she sticks to 'em. On the plus side, I won't be in OKC any more. On the minus side, I'll miss her and I'm still in the hole about 110 grand. Tommorow on 100k: student loans, or how to never get out of debt.

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