Friday, December 28, 2007

new theory

I have a new theory: the person that introduces you to Led Zeppelin will stick around/stay persistent in your life. Because that's a true friend. Tony might agree.

I hadn't really heard them until last summer, on this epic road trip. I mean, there are the inevitable radio songs and of course I'd heard those, but actual albums? Forget it. My childhood was as deprived of rock and roll as it was flush in moving, new accents, and road trips to see my dad.

So, me and Lora were getting ready for this trip, getting all the music we would need on my ipod, and she asks me innocently, "Do you have Zep 3 and 4?" and of course I didn't. Then, a few minutes later, I did. But they sat innocently on my ipod for another week and a half.

So, to set the scene properly: We've just spent a week in Colorado, with Lora's folks (two sets), then Camped a night at some lake in the SW part. We're going into the four corners, Miles and miles of the most beautiful desert known to man. I think it was black dog that came on random, and then of course we had to put on the zep.

It was a religious experience... I was bouncing off the inside of the car, I was shaking, I was taking pictures... I've never had an experience that manic, that supremely good-feeling. I get excited just thinking about it. Luckily Lora was driving, and we didn't crash. And thanks again to that same pretty lady who gave me the tunes. Life is good.

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