Sunday, December 30, 2007

So my task tonight was to go out and meet someone, and I did. But not the way you're thinking, you dirty ass. No, I was wandering down to the ATM and said what's up to this dude who was standing there on the porch of double take, and he said wassup back, and I didn't break stride, you know, the city walk. But I walked the same way back, and he says hey I'm tryin' to have a conversation here, and that stops me, and I look at him and really take stock.

What I'd first taken for a lip ring was actually a bad cut on his lip; he was wearing plain clothes, no brands. Dressed down to the background, like I usually do. Layers- two hats, three shirts I could see, probably more on bottom than I could see too. CD Player with big headphones. He had on sunglasses, even though the sun had been down for a while. They even still had the UV400 sticker on them. His hood was up until he was comfortable, shading his eyes and casting a strong shadowjust at the bottom of his glasses. At first i thought he was taller than he really was, because the porch was raised. I saw him for a fellow traveler and wanderer immediately.

So he talked and I listened, about what he thought about zen and the tao and all sorts of wandering things. When he was about to say a cheap good brand of bourbon, I said it at the same time- "Bullitt."

As we were standing there talking, he would talk at the passersby, to see if they would say something back, to have some human contact, I don't know why really. It was interesting to see people's reactions; this guy has a knack for saying something that people weren't expecting.

Then I say well, why don't we go inside and shoot a game of pool, and this guy tells me he isn't welcome there, for whatever reason. I didn't ask particulars. I'm hungry at this point, and I tell him that, that I'm going to go in and get some food. He says, Man I'm hungry. If he was faking or conning, he's the best I've ever met (and I've known some really good liars and cons). I really believed him, and so I offered to get him some food and bring it back to him.

Then we got to talking again, and he decided he'd rather walk down to the store and have me buy him a beer; he had the money, but they knew him in the store. And that was fine with me, too. I don't mind helpin' a guy out, especially a fellow traveller, when someday I might be in a simalar position and in need of assistance somehow. So we're discussing, still talking about various spiritual things, and it's hard to get off of it because he keeps saying shit that's either crazy or funny or cool. But finally we do and he has changed his mind again; food and booze are easy enough to steal, what he really wants is a pack of smokes. And I like this guy, he's a good guy, just really down on his luck, so I go one further and tell him I'll spot him for some smokes. So, after a little more conversation, we get moving, and then I realize I can drive and come back, so I do.

I split, go and get a pack of my brand, spirit blues, then realize in the parking lot that I have a pack of winstons, not my brand, but unopened (how I came to have that pack is complicated and unimportant). So I went and got that for the dude, and kept the spirits for myself. He seemed happily surprised I gave him a whole pack. Things work out well sometimes.

Then I went inside, got a plate of fries. The cowgirl has the second best fries in town; pasqual's are the best, all garlicky and seasoned the way someone who paid attention in culinary school would do them. The light behind the bar in the cowgirl is terrible, my only complaint about the place, so I didn't really shoot anything. The first thing the bartender said to me was "What am I buying you?" Now, so you know, I know her; We've had lunch and she's been over to look at my work (I'm editing down "from a moving vehicle" to a series of portraits, and she was a big help).

I'd called her yesterday to see if she was busy, wanted to grab a drink. She didn't get back to me, and so I'd written it off. I didn't even know if she was in town. But she gave me drinks anyway. I have to wonder if she's maybe into me... or maybe she's just the kind of person who cares about staying in touch. Not that I'd mind. Not only is she pretty and smart, she hasn't bullshitted me once in our dozen or so encounters. Not even a little. Most girls by now would have at least once. So that's good.

This pretty girl sitting next to me asked me about my camera; turns out her and her friend were road tripping to Oregon so she could do a photo internship. I told her about my smokers idea, and she seemed to like it. It got a laugh anyway, which is a good sign. I've never had a bad idea that was received with laughter.

So I'll probably spend new years at the cowgirl.

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