Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So now that I'm stuck....

In OKC for a minute, let's talk about how much it sucks here. No, not really. I've never liked this town. i know some really spectacular people who live here, but for me this place is the pits. Never Fails: I come here happy and feel like shit at the end.

I first moved here when dinosaurs and 386 boxes still roamed the earth. The internets was still a baby and so was I, really. I had moved around a lot before that, though, and had managed to get a pretty good handle on a few places. It was here in oklahoma I learned what a hater is, and that you gotta shake 'em off, or they'll just pull you down. Fuck 'em. After 10 years of it, I knew it was time to get out. So I did. Now I only come back for family (and one other someone, you know who you are).

Oh yeah, don't send your kids to this blog. I say fuck a lot.

And I've travelled to a few places, slept with some of their finest women (like my hero tony p, nothing in here is true), and one thing that doesn't change is that the hardest part is leaving all those excellent people behind. It's something in my nature, I have to move on every while to someplace new. So in six or eight months, I'll be hanging my hat in a new place, no longer santa but easterly and with some ocean nearby. some place with all night pizza, bars, and women.

But it still hurts to go, and to walk away from someone I care about, and then I find out I've walked away from her for good, even though we still share a brain, we're not us anymore. That's all.

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