Thursday, December 27, 2007

So today started around 5:30am, with coffee and goodbyes. I loaded up the car, said goodbye to my dad and mom, and drove to the coffee shop Lora works at for one last hug and a cup for the road. Then I hit the highway.

I-40 is a four thousand mile long double barreled shotgun of a road, almost a strait shot from Barstow, Cali to the Atlantic. I've traveled the entire length at one time or another, and for some stretches, it's just miles and miles of nothing. That was a large part of today. It was overcast in oklahoma, and for some reason there were about ten cops before Amarillo, and none after. But I'm wise to their strategies, no problems there.

As soon as I crossed the texas border, the wind picked up and a fog descended. The Texas Panhandle (pictured, in fog) was like that the whole way through. Made driving interesting to do, but not much to tell. I gassed up in Amarillo, and then moved on down the road. I kept needing to stop right after I passed the last exit for 50 miles, for some reason. Something threw off my timing.

Right as I got into NM, the fog lifted and the sky opened up after another half hour. There were a ton of semis, but only a few cars. No cops, like I said. 285 was lovely, and just as I got into Santa Fe proper, it started snowing here. So I unloaded and let everyone know I was fine, and then got some internet set up on my phone. I've archived, I've blogged, I'm good to go. Go nap, that is.

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