Friday, December 28, 2007

So, today started out well. I'd been having insomnia, and since I went home, it's been better. but I'd also been sleeping in a nice queen bed, so I was a little worried that when I got back I would have trouble sleeping again. Not so, and while I did wake up a few times, I fell righ back asleep too. I have to wonder if it was something else bothering me, keeping me from sleeping... but I've talked about all the shit I worked out in OKC enough already. onto today.

First thing I did was to roll over and set my alarm. This was a 9ish, and I set it to 10:45. Can't get up too early. But around 9:30 I decided I'd slept enough, and got up and made coffee. Then I spent some quality time on the internet, catching up with the world. Walked to work. There's something nice about walking, beating pavement. I hip shot the tourists, and have nothing to show for it. That's what I get for hipshooting pictures. It's really chickenshit, and I know better, but some days I can't make myself let the people I photograph know what I'm doing.

Work was work. My mind was elsewhere, to tell the truth. I did image stuff all day, though. Looked up at 1:30 and though oh god, when will this day end? then suddenly it was 4:30 and time to roll up for the day.

Then I went to do errands, and I was surprised when goodwill still had the dresser I'd seen before Christmas. And since there's only one broken drawer, and since I know which end of a hammer to use on it, everything's peachy. Groceries, home, eating. Watched Snatch. Good movie. And now I'm here, on a friday night. Consequence of being broke and all of my friends out of town. Might call someone though. It's still early.

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