Sunday, January 6, 2008

back in the game again...

So, the last few days were kind of boring until last night, just work and home and work. Judy seems to be in a better mood the last few days, which is nice. Kristin, my cohort at work, did my astrological chart. No idea what it means, but she says I'm a very old soul. New Cycle, yadda yadda. Trick is, I don't believe in determinism, much less that the movements of the stars can predict what will happen, or determine who I am. I know enough cosmology and astrophysics to know that Astrology has as little to do with the stars as China has with democracy.

The I Ching, on the other hand, is really interesting to me. It's firmly based in the principles of Taoism, and really is a book of random good advice, not so much divination as counseling. I also like the idea of introducing random elements into a system for predicting and assessing situations. It seems I've learned to read it as I've learned my own nature.

Enough hocus-pocus. None of it runs our lives, we do, and thank the gods for that. Whichever gods. I'd like to thank, right here and now, the god that created pretty ladies. Because he's sent one hell of one my way, in the way of Heather. I'll get to that in a minute...

But first, the rest of yesterday: While we were re-hanging a wall, I was juggling a hammer, nails and a painting (maybe 1000 bucks of painting) and, yep, you guessed it, the painting slipped out of my hands. Then, by some kind of miracle, I stuck out my left foot, and caught the painting on my toe. Do you have any idea how improbable that is, how lucky my dumb ass is? After that, finished the wall without incident, and went home.

I called Andrew and then headed over to his place (doubling back for my camera). Had a beer, hung out watching reality TV. I'm really glad sometimes that I don't have a TV, because as bad as it was, I couldn't top watching. There's so much going on in the world, and last night for half an hour I watched Celebrity Apprentice.

Then we both went to the Railyard restaurant for some food. Andrew works there, so we both kind of figured on a good discount. Heather was behind the bar for a hot second, we talked for about half a second, but long enough for me to get some digits and a feeling for what the situation was, and to say we should get together later in the night. Now, having been dead wrong before, I wouldn't doubt that I am again about the situation. So I'm not gonna say anything else here that might jinx me, just the facts, ma'am.

Then behind the bar was this dude, can't remember his name, but he's Grace's fiancé, seemed like a cool guy. Called Heather somewhere in there, left a message. Told her the club was dead, but we were going to go hang out at Andrew's if she wanted to come. Did some shots with Jason (manager Jason, not my bro) and Andrew. I actually only did two, because lucky me, I had to drive. But between the full meal, my size, and the hour and a half after I stopped, I was fine. Why we were hanging around for an hour and a half after close is a matter for discussion.

The three of us (Grace's man had just left maybe ten minutes before) were sitting at the bar and we hear a CRACK from the entryway, like maybe a heavy plate fell. We all run to see what happened, and one of the doors is shattered, it looks like. Outside, there is no one, and nothing. Andrew swears he didn't see a car. The glass is double paned tempered security glass, and the inner pane is intact. So the door's secure, just busted. Jason insists on doing the responsible thing and calling the cops right then, so we all wait around for them to get to the restaurant. Props to the SFPD for fast response, even on a non emergency call; the unit was there in five minutes, maybe ten. The officer took Jason's statement, didn't really talk to me or Andrew. Officailly, we mightn't have been there.

Then we got out, before any more disasters could happen. Andrew's house, beer, chillin' with music. Heather calls me back, can't really come over, but she'd love to see me sometime. The important part is she called. Jason tells me that I have no chance with her, I say that's never stopped me before. And then around three, I realize I'm struggling to stay awake, and go and pass out in Andrew's spare bedroom.

I wake up when my dad (not pictured; that's Jason) calls, tell him things are fine, go back to sleep for a bit, then I go home and cook brunch for myself. Eggs and sausage and potatoes. MMMM.

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