Monday, January 28, 2008

I took yesterday off, not because of anything in particular, but because sunday is my day of rest. Unless I've got a good reason, I try to take a day a week off. It's been sundays now for a while.

Saturday was an all right day at work. It felt like friday all day long though. Went home, and Alex was around. Seems like ages ago that he got back, though it's only really been a week or two.

We went out Bishop's Lodge Road, to look at a motorcycle I'd noticed on my ride the other day. It looked like it was in OK shape, missing a gas tank and a few other sundry things, but nothing too big, it seemed like. So we went and knocked on the door of the house next to the vacant lot, and the woman at the door gave us the number of the owner of the lot and the bike. Called him, he wanted 150, which seemed reasonable, so we said yeah sure, we'll take it.

Watched a few movies. Bad News Bears (the new one) sucks. Everything about it is undeveloped, unstated, and not good. The only redeeming feature was the few good jokes, which I won't spoil.

I made a nice big brunch this morning. Eggs and potatoes and sausage, coffee and OJ. MMMM MMMM.

Then today we went back to look at the bike again. We noticed it was also missing a carburetor and the exhaust was rusted through on the bottom. And the oil tank was gone, and the switches on the bars were busted, and on and on. So, we're probably not going to get the bike after all. 150 is too much; we'd end up putting 500 in parts on it. It's not even worth stealing, we decided.

So we came back, watched a couple more movies; I made pasta. That's about it.

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