Friday, January 25, 2008

long time no post....

With the Fire
A lot has been going on, too. Still haven't heard about the freelance work. Hanging in limbo about that, but a ton of other stuff has happened.

Andrew and I aren't really hanging out any more... he was getting a little to close. I'm not looking for that kind of relationship with a dude, or anyone, really. So yeah. Made him some prints, though, so hopefully we'll still be friends.

My house has been without water since last sunday, going on 6 days. if it's not fixed at the end of tomorrow, I don't know what I'm going to do. I've had one shower in that time; I've kept the BO down with washcloths and deodorant.

I'm 1000 words into what I hope will be my first novel... it's based on the idea of a guy not unlike myself, who has had all these near death experiences, meets a woman, falls in love. Don't know what will happen to him after that, though I do know he gets shot. Not by who or where. Or if he survives. Or if he deserves to. It's time to just write the story; one sentence at a time.

The other day, I took it into my head to go on a bike ride. I found the most amazing stretch of downhill ever. Straight, flat, no cars in the middle of the day, and almost a mile long. The uphill to get there is kind of a drag, especially since I had to climb it twice (once with a half flat tire and once after I went down into town again to inflate it). But the downhill portion was worth it. My rear wheel is a little out of true, and I was going fast enough that it was making me fishtail a little, so I braked a bit, held back, and it smoothed out. I think 40 is my top speed on that bike.
The Big Hill
So, I get down the hill and get into Tesuque, this little village/tourist trap, which marks the halfway point for this ride. It's a nice little town, gentrified out the ass, though. Tourists and expensive homes. The road back, Bishops' Lodge road, has some nice twists and turns, with interesting things around most of the bends; horse ranches, communes, the Shidoni Sculpture gardens. It's a closed-in intimate road. Nice in a car, nicer on a bike, with all the little rolling hills, climb up, sprint down, over and over again.

Then I hit the hill. The climb back up to get back into town nearly beat me. I did it, just barely. The last hundred yards before the crest of that hill were the hardest I've ever done on a bike. Then, from there, it's a nice coast all the way back into town. A nice long downhill again, as a reward for getting to the top.

Then, with the serendipitous timing that seems to define my life, my friend Nicolle called me and said I could come over and use her washer/dryer/shower. So I did. I borrowed a book, "Running With Scissors," which is pretty good so far. I might actually review the thing here when I finish reading it. Then again it's from 2002.

Alex and I had trashy action movie Tuesday; Both Transporter movies (the first one was decent and the second one was ridiculous) and "Lucky Number Slevin," which I'd seen but was still good and funny the second time. Bishop the husky is around, too, and cool as a cucumber unless you leave him alone.
Bishop the lap dog
Yesterday, we went off-roding. Well, actually, there was a road, but it was covered in ice and snow; it was a forest access road out past Canyada (spelled wrong, I know, but that's how you say it). The moon was really really bright. I was hand holding and making pictures. That's how bright.
Going down the trail in moonlight
Then today I went to work after three hours' sleep. I was actually all right; did my work, did it pretty decently. Came home, still no water. The city guy came by today, turned it on for maybe half an hour, but there's a burst pipe in the other side that needs to be fixed before they can turn it back on for good.
On the Truck
Then I went to best buy with alex, we looked at an ipod touch. Really cool little gadget. I kinda want one, but can't deal with the sticker shock. I'm eating pasta and PB&J, you know? So yeah, while we were there, we looked at the blog on the ipod and alex was like dude, you're way behind. And I was like, I know, I know. So now I'm posting. Photos to follow soon; check back in an hour and there'll be photos in this post. (edit: got the photos up! yay for me!)

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