Tuesday, January 8, 2008

lots of shit going on, little time to post...

so in all of the madness that has suddenly become my life since 2008 kicked off, it's getting hard to have time to post here. Well, if I could write worth a shit when drunk, I could probably post more, but no luck in that front. oh well. I'm going to keep doing it, and see what happens. 2008 posts in 2008? no way. but 2008 photos for your ass? you bet. All three of you out there reading this.

So, yesterday was a pretty good day. I woke up an hour late, showered, got ready to go to work, and called in to tell them I was on my way. Judy told me not to worry, that things were dead and with the roads, just come in the afternoon. so I promptly went back to sleep.

I woke up at noon and about three seconds later Heather made my phone beep. Texting back and forth for a little bit. She was in Abq, down for shopping and seeing people and whatnot.

So I was at work then for a bit, doing web work, trying to make everything look good for the web site. I'm in competition for the web site bid where I work; it'd mean 2000 bucks in my pocket if I got it. I could pay off my camera bill at camera center. I could pay the deposit on my house. All kinds of stuff. I might even pick up one of those Nokia n810 gadgets I've been eyeing. I've got a little more work ahead of me though before I'm done.

So, I got off work and bought some groceries. I had to ask for an advance to do that, but it's ok, I haven't missed that much work this time, so I should be fine. Then I went to the liquor store, picked up a few bottles of interesting things... some vodka (called spudka, a potato vodka) and a bottle of vino as well.

During all of this, I'm texting back and fourth with Heather, trying to either get her to come over or to have me over, I don't care which. My house is, for once, fairly clean. Partly because the first thing I did when I got home was to scrub the bathroom and pick up in my room, but that's beside the point. So she's waffling and I make her laugh and then she calls me (an actual voice call) and I convince her to change out of her PJ's and have me over for a little bit, after three hours of texting, that is.

So I drive over to her place. I don't know exactly how slick the roads were, but I swear I saw some kids ice skating. Slo-mo rally car driving. I made it fine, my car's a champ on slick roads. so, we cracked the vodka, and I had some, and she was already drinking tea, so had none.

Here's the cool part: we sat and talked for like 3 hours. She has almost the identical insomnia I have. She moved a lot as a kid, too, more than I did, actually. I said some things about photography, she told me about her bakery business plan. She wants to learn to play chess, and I volunteered to teach her. I'll have to find my pieces. We told a few stories, and I think I held up my end of the conversation well, despite the fact that I was drinking like a fish. There's another thing: I was completely comfortable drinking around her; no worries about anything I might do or say, or anything that might happen.

Heather used to take pictures, too. She had a bunch on the fridge, black and white 5x7 prints. So I asked about them, and she told me, and then I brought out my camera and she didn't want her picture taken. She asked nicely, though, which never happens. People are always mean about it, it seems. I respected that, and so put the camera away.

All good things must come to an end, and last night was no exception. At around 2:30 she was getting really tired, and just really needed to sleep. I was about to sit around, try to sober up, when I realized that I really could just walk home and come back for my car today. Which worked out pretty well.

I slept sort of threadily, though. Thin sleep. Woke up at 5am and had two glasses of water. I'm tired right now. But that's more what the day had to throw at me, really, than the sleep I got.

I woke up finally at about noon thirty. Finally meaning I'd woken up several times before, but actually got up then. Once again, heather with the perfect timing, texted me and said I should hurry to move my car. Seems the businesses she lives behind weren't too happy that I'd parked there. So I got my ass in gear and rode down on my bike. Slick spots and road tires make life interesting, by the way.

Then I went to pay my bill at camera center, said hey to grace, then went and got lunch at whole foods. Pizza and a roll and a big bottle of lemonade. And who should I see when I walk out but my wandering friend- walking by the store (I'm a terrible person and I've forgotten his name. I think it's something like Kafir).

So we hung out for a little, drove around a bit. He had a blue line around his lips, don't know what that's about. Could be from the cold. He had me listen to this great new band from here in town, then loaned me another disk of some hip hop.

I dropped him off on the plaza, then headed to the bike shop to shoot their interiors again. Dave told me that they wanted to wait and get with their designer, so I should just wait. So, I got a cup of coffee and then came home. Chilled. Blogged. Ate. Now I'm thinking a nap is in order.

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