Friday, January 18, 2008

My Name Is...

So, I have this habit of saying "_______ is my middle name!" when someone admonishes me to be something, or says that something I'm going to go and do is x. My real middle name, for those in the wings, is Arthur. Lately, I've been thinking it must be "lucky" because, like most people with that moniker, I haven't been. But hey, let's not dwell on the bad luck/bad judgements/bad shit that's happened in the last 48 hours. Despite all of that, there is a good news list.

Alex is back in town. That's definitely on the good news list. This morning, right as I was about to leave, he got to the house with Bishop, his dog, and asked me if I wanted breakfast. He made me an egg sandwich. It was nice, you know? Delicious, too.

Also on the good news list, I didn't really lose the memory card that disappeared last night. Andrew found it in his driveway today. Lucky me. What else? Ummm... still haven't heard about freelance work for the New Mexican. We'll see.

what else? no idea how I'm going to make bills. no money to go out, so no real social life. oh well shit happens. I'll figure out something, I always do. That's all for now. I know, weak sauce blog post. I'll do something more later.

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