Friday, January 4, 2008


So I'm finally making some prints again, after almost 2 months without big paper. I've been making my little journal prints, but the truth is they aren't as important to me as really making big beautiful prints. I'm on my fifth sheet of paper (out of 25) and I've printed two images so far (that is if this one comes out well). It's important for me to do this work, to make prints every now and then. I can shoot all the time for a while, but I get all clogged up if I'm not printing. The shooting stagnates, and I start seeing the same things over and over. It's hard to make a beginning without knowing there will be an end.

So, I'm spending a night at home, but it's a night well spent, because tomorrow I'll shoot better than I have in months; things just happen better. The light Falls on everything right. Which is boring for a blog post, but that's how it goes. Busy workday followed by an evening of printing. Fun Fun.

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