Thursday, January 3, 2008

So it's the third, and already this year is taking a turn for the awesome. Tonight I asked myself that age old question: Should I go out tonight? The answer, in case you don't know, is always yes.

Today was a good day, in case you can't tell. I woke up around noon, when I finally remembered it was payday. This was after 11 (11!) hours of good deep sleep. You know, that "I'm a hibernating bear" kind of sleep. So I woke myself up and called David Scheinbaum, an old teacher of mine, to see if he has time to look at photos, and he said Yeah, how about the 30th at 1? and I said sure, of course.

Then I took my car downtown, a short drive, but I had plans, you see. Picked up my paycheck, said hi to Jen, my boss. The guys in the bike shop on the other end of the mall, Mellow Velo, said that they needed some photos, so I said ok, how's tomorrow work, Mike said fine. So, I got back in my car and drove myself to camera center to pay my bill.

When I got there, I realized I could get some paper too, and so I did. 25 sheets of glossy ilford goodness. now I can finally finish the set of work prints of this series I've been working on for the last three months. Had a little problem with my bank card, and Grace was there to sort it out, and hopefully it went through all right at the end of the day.

Then I went back to mellow velo for some inter net, downloaded some zep, and went ahead and did there photos for them right then. And while I was photographing, I walked around downtown and shot the stuff in today's post. Than I rode home

I was home for just a minute, called my mother, talked to her for a bit, she's doing all right but her hair's all gone (chemo). Then I went out and applied for a job at trader joe's, they interviewed me on the spot, maybe they'll call and I won't be so broke all the time. I could even start paying on those loans that this blog is supposed to be about.

Then I was home again, im'd with some people, found out it is legal to have dual citizenship, and then called Andrew, this totally cool dude. I actually was waffling about whether or not to go out, then Lora, my diamond in the rough, reminded me, the answer to that question is always yes.

You see, Andrew is gay. And he has a crush on me, and I'm all like dude, not into dudes. And he's all like whatever I'm still gonna flirt. So before I went out, I was all worried that he was going to get the wrong idea, and a) get attached and/or b) expect things from me that I'm not about to do. And he was totally chill. Still a flirty bastard, but that's just the way he is.

So I meet him and a bunch of his friends at the blue corn, have a couple of beers, talk, you know, just chillin. Everyone was cool; Tall dude Jason, his boyfriend Rob (by boyfriend, I mean they've been together for 15 years) and other dude with his smart daughter. A cool crowd, in other words. So I chilled.

Then we went back to Jason and Rob's house for a second, to drop Rob and wait for one other guy, Chef something. I know, I know, I should remember these names, but I'm terrible at them, unless I write them down right then. Then there were the covers.

By covers, I mean, someone took pop songs that everyone knows and made them indescribably gross. For example, "Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap" became "Dirty Deeds, Done with sheep." There were 20 of them, each worse than the last. But it was funny, I'll admit. You had to be there, though.

And Rob showed me their retirement fund star trek collection, all two rooms of it. I love it when people are so into something. And I found out that Rob works for pasatiempo, and he might be able to talk to some people there about freelance work.(!)

Then we went bowling, where I rolled well but didn't aim well. Oh well. Then Heather showed up. Heather is this gorgeous redhead, I mean, so red you think it'd be from a bottle, bright. Her eyebrows matched it though, so I kind of think it's real. Andrew got her there, in deference to me. I mean what a guy- he wants me, but he's cool enough to get a girl there for me anyway. And a knockout. Eyes like you wouldn't believe, a voice like Marylyn Monroe, all breathy and high and oooh la la, that hair, long legs up to a... you get the picture.

So I chat her up a little while the guys play another round, lose abysmally at air hockey to her, and then we just talk some more. I fumbled some words in english, and then said some things in Portuguese, ("falo bem em portuges, mas nao ingles"), and she was all "I love portugese, it just sounds so good. I don't even want to know what you're saying, you can just talk to me." Being the oaf that I am, I maybe say a little more and then switch back to English. All to soon, she's gone, has to get up in the morning.

And everyone else finishes their game, time to go, and then Andrew wants to sing karaoke, and I'm not at all a fan of karaoke. I don't even like covers. But how can I say no when he's just done all this introducing for me? So I sit in the bar of the bowling alley with him through two songs. He's so into it it's ridiculous. I mean, all out. Then we stop by burrito spot, where he buys, and I dropped him off at his place. And now I have breakfast. Rock on. Now I sleep.

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