Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So, My New Years' Eve/morn rocked. I went to the cowgirl, as planned, and the cover was like 15 bucks, I had 10 and change. I was ready to not even try to talk my way in, but first I decided to have a smoke. Then this dude I know from way back, Porter, showed and said he'd cover me. So I was in. He's a little creepy, but I gotta give props to the dude that got me in.

D numbers was playing, and although I'm not a jam band kind of guy, they always are an exception. They just have a really fun, upbeat energy that was right for the night. I'll let the photos tell some now, I'm tired:

And then I ended up back at this dude Andrew's house. Drinking beers, and then I pass out on his couch. How is it that when I'd love to meet some girl to pass the time with, I keep meeting dudes? I'm not into dudes, universe. They're cool and all, but not what I need. But He did take me to breakfast this morning, at Tecolote cafe. It was really pretty good, and then I went home to sleep.

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