Sunday, January 13, 2008

So, the text editor finished downloading, and here I am, typing a blog post in a buffer. We'll see if if continues to work of if it dies like a bitch.

Like I said, yesterday was boring at work. It's a little weird to be in there on a Saturday and not have anyone through. I spent all day goofing off on the internet. And my boss is aware of this, so I'm not afraid of her "finding out" because she's aware there was nothing for me to do. I helped her daughter with photoshop some, and if she brings up the fact that I didn't do much for the gallery, I'll bring up the cost of photoshop lessons. $50 for half an hour isn't unheard of. But yeah, accomplished next to nothing, then went home to chill for a minute.

Called Andrew, he was at home just back from skiing. He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him; Chef Rob was cooking roast beef, and I was welcome if I wanted. Now, how in the hell am I gonna turn down dinner from a guy named Chef Rob?

So, after a slight detour, I got to Andrew's house, picked him up, and went over to chef rob's house. I got to meet his wife Sasha and their boy. By the time we got there, the roast was almost ready; the kid (don't remember his name) was playing Wii with his mom. Shortly thereafter, Jack, their neighbor, and his wife (sig. o?) Shayna came over too.

And then came the Meal. Man, that was one delicious meal. The picture is of a stuffed pepper, which he made for Shayna, who's vegetarian. Rice with fresh basil, onion and a little red pepper, salt and pepper, mixed with a little tomato sauce, stuffed into a green pepper and topped with parmesan and a tomato and red wine vinegar reduction. And for the meat eaters, there was a roast, pan seared and then roasted in it's own juices with potatoes and carrots and peppers and onion. So yeah, that was really really good.

Then we hung out for a little bit, played Wii bowling, and put the kid to bed. Then, everyone but Rob went to the Santa Fe Brewing Co for a show. The fact that myself and Andrew are broke didn't matter. We wanted to go out and so we did.

At the brewing company there was a sign on the door, "Sold Out." But where there's a Mills there's a way, so we just walked in and the doorman was someone we all knew from cowgirl, and he just waved us in. The magic of knowing people.

It was mad crouded though. Hella people. And it seemed like I knew about half of them, somehow. Even though I still fell like I hardly know anyone in this town any more. Zach was there, and so was Peter Ellzey. And Who else should be standing at the back when I walk in but Heather. And I try to play it all cool. Maybe I did. We did dance, and I made a bunch of photos. It was a nice dance, but I'm kinda clumsy, not much natural rythm. Oh well. On the plus side, I did get to dance with a pretty lady.

The music was good; mostly country, but with some rock-lyric sensibilities in their original tunes and a nice sound overall. The croud was into it and that helps too. And for a lot of the evening, I was running around taking pictures. My feeling right now is that things aren't going to work out in any way other than a friendly one with heather, and that's cool, actually. I can live with that.

Then the show was over and the original party went back to Sasha's place for a little bit, and then I dropped Andrew off at a party and went home. I was exhausted and feeling sick, and didn't want to hang any more, really. So then I went home. I've been loafing and wasting time today; MF is back, though. That's about all. Later tonight: Installment 2 of Times I've nearly Ate the dirt Sandwich.

(PS- aquamacs going for 3 hours plus and no hang. YAY!)

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