Thursday, January 10, 2008

So, today was a pretty boring day, after yesterday's excitement. I realized late last night that I have lost Alex's truck keys, and have to find them. I've torn the house and my car apart, two or three times now, with no luck. I think I might hit the car one more time though. I have a feeling.

So this morning I went to campus to look there, and the ground that they might've been on was covered in snow. So no luck, and nobody had turned in a set of keys anywhere I went. While I was there, I got a text from Heather, she'd sent me one last night and then realized she'd sent it to the wrong person today. So we arranged to meet at the restaurant, and she'd bring my bottles and I'd bring the scarf, and we'd switch and everything would be cool. And that's basically what happened.

I hung out at my place for a while, went to the store, got some things, came home, and then went out at about 8:30. Got to the restaurant, had a guinness, some soup, another guinness, took about an hour and a half over all that.

There was this couple sitting next to me, dude looked like Stephen King a little, and the woman, I have no idea who she looked like other than herself. They were from Nevada, in for the holidays, and having a fabulous time. So I chatted with them, all the wile a little edgy because Heather was around, the camera was in the car, (at that point, anyway) and, well, I just was.

Then there was this moment, I looked over at the end of the bar where she was getting drinks, and she winked at me, and with heretofore unknown feats of timing and skill, I caught her wink and winked right back at the right instant. And then I was cool. No more edge. It's the little things in life that make it worth the struggle, you know?

Then I went outside and had half of my last cigarette, ever. I enjoyed that fucker. I went back in and some chicken strips came, and having ordered soup I was confused. But, good service gets way better when it's a friend doing it, and they not only brought me my soup, they comped it as well. Of course, it was a $5 cup, and I was drinking $5 pints, so it makes sense for them to keep me happy. I like to think it was a friendly gesture though.

And all too soon, the end of the night came, and I closed out my tab. People were clearing out, and I went and finished that last cigarette. I've never smoked one so fine as that one. I think because it really was the last. And right now I want one. It's that little itch at the back of my mind I can't scratch. I've had worse, though and beaten them. I might have to get some cigars, though. Or a box of those cigarillos I like. No more Cigarettes.

The people inside were hanging out a little, talking, and so I did for a minute, too. Heather and the girl behind the bar (Michelle?) were wiping things down, and I put my coat on to leave. Heather stops what she's doing and comes over to give me a hug. Like I said, it's the little things. I offered her a ride, she said she had that covered. And that's about it. We didn't get a chance to talk at all really, which was a little disappointing. At the end of the night, though, I'd had a decent time, talked to some strangers, made a new acquaintance, and generally done all right.

(By the way, what I was saying below about learning about mutual finds and such, well, I started in on a prospectus for ING funds, where I already have a bank account. It's 150 pages long. I think I'll start looking for an accountant as soon as I can manage to have some money in the bank.)

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