Sunday, January 13, 2008

so, while I've got some shit downloading over my obscenely slow connection, it's time to blog. cell phone internet is great for staying connected, but shitty for speed. and the thing I'm downloading is an update for my text editor, so all I can do really is wait. aquamacs rocks my word (way better than anything else I've used, and I tried a bunch of 'em).

Anyway, since I posted last, quite a lot has happened. That was friday morning, this is sunday morning. So, after I finished typing friday morning, I had breakfast with Rob and Andrew, bacon and eggs and biscuits done the way my mom does. Half a stick of butter in a glass/ceramic pan, then heat up the pan with the oven; the butter melts. Take the pan out, coat the biscuits in the melted butter, cook in the pan (still with the remaining butter in the bottom) until golden brown on top. To remove from the pan, flip them out onto a plate, they have to come out fast. It's the only way to cook biscuits. Everyone agreed, even though the pan wasn't quite hot enough and the bottoms weren't really brown enough.

Then I went to work. Fridays are a half day, and it was so slow. I was mad surly and spacey, from a combination of hangover and dealing with Andrew. It's his mourning, and it's a million times harder for him, but it isn't easy to be a shoulder to cry on sometimes. If I ever meet god I'm gonna punch him/her in the face. Death sucks, especially for the people who are still around afterward.

So that night, trying to be a good friend, I called Andrew and we went out to the cowgirl. He got the message right before we went that his sister had just been cremated. The man just couldn't holding his shit together, and who can blame him? Sobbing into his beer. And we got out of there pretty quickly, went back to his place. He cried for a while, at least an hour, maybe several. I lost track of time. Suddenly it was three a.m., and he was calming down, and I needed to go and sleep in my bed. After all that emotion, I needed to chill alone to process. So, I went home. Sleep, then the most boring day of work ever. Up next: Last night and the best meal I've had in a month.

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